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Phasing out fossil gas won’t work unless ACT fixes its energy efficiency scheme

Following the ACT election on 17 October, the Labor-Greens alliance has re-committed to phasing out fossil gas by 2045 at the latest, as part of the ACT’s goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2045. Now that the ACT has achieved 100% renewable electricity, gas represents 22% of the ACT’s remaining emissions and is therefore […]

Why buying an electric hot water system is a terrible idea

Okay, you’re thinking about getting a new electric hot water system.  Perhaps your old one just died, or maybe you need one for your new house. But it’s easily fixed, right?  Your plumber can bring around a new electric hot water unit, install it in a few hours, cheap as chips, and you’re good for […]

Should you replace your electric hot water system with another electric hot water system?

Okay, you just hopped in the shower, you need to get to work, but what do you know – you’ve got no hot water. That electric hot water system you’ve had for years has finally died. But it’s easily fixed, right? Your plumber can bring around a new unit, install it in a few hours, […]

How much is your hot water system really costing you?

Do heat pumps work in Canberra?

Yes, they do! If you have a reverse cycle air conditioner and it works, then yes, a heat pump will work too. It’s exactly the same technology. It’s also important not to over-state the severity of Canberra’s climate. Even in the depths of winter, the afternoon temperature is usually over 10 degrees, and that’s the […]

The NSW draft plan for greater energy efficiency

In November 2016, the NSW Government launched several discussion papers, all of which contribute to the government’s “aspirational” objective of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. One of these, A Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money,calls for an enhanced effort to achieve greater energy efficiency. This could mean lower householdelectricity bills for and lower […]

Use your rooftop solar system to power your heat pump water heater

Use your solar photovoltaic panels to heat your water too, and you could cut the amount of excess electricity you give away cheaply to the grid. zstock/Shutterstock.com Tim Forcey, University of Melbourne When the sun shines at its brightest, many of Australia’s 1.3 million homes with rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar panels generate more electricity than […]