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Quantum heat pump hot water systems

A simple concept, brilliantly executed. The Quantum heat pump works on a patented refrigeration principle similar to that found in an air conditioner, or refrigerator – but in reverse.

A traditional solar hot water service typically consists of collector panels or tubes fitted to your roof which water flows through and then into a storage tank. This service relies on the sun and in Australia can provide between 50-90% of hot water for your home3, an electric ‘booster element’ kicking in to cover any shortfall.

A Quantum solar heat pump however makes use of the heat in the ambient air around the system, and a reverse refrigeration process to heat the water. This means the sun doesn’t need to be shining, and what’s more, it’s so efficient that it can provide reliable hot water 24 hours a day, even in temperatures as low as -10°C with no booster element.



Quantum heat pump diagram

How does a Quantum heat pump work?

[Use the image and the text from “Solar Energy from the air”

1 The sun heats the air

Heat pumps rely on ambient air temperature rather than incidental sunshine. Utilising refrigeration principles, Quantum Heat Pumps can extract heat from the air without the need for direct sunlight, and can produce hot water in rain, hail or shine – without the need for a booster element.

2 Energised air is drawn into the heat pump

Once the air is drawn into the heat pump, it passes over an evaporator containing a refrigerant which boils at a very low temperature. The boiling refrigerant is then compressed causing its temperature to be raised even further – transforming it into a super-heated vapour.

3 Energy is transferred to heat up the water

Using Quantum’s patented Tank Wrap™ technology, this super-heated vapour is fed through copper coils (condenser) wrapped around the outside of the water tank, heating the water evenly and efficiently from the outside in.

4 Cold air is expelled

Once the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water, the remaining cold air is discharged from the heat pump by fan. Once the desired water temperature is reached, the system will go into energy-saving standby mode until it is required to commence heating again.


Quantum heat pump diagram

How much do Quantum heat pumps cost?

The the cost including installation varies somewhat depending on your situation – whether we are replacing an electric hot water system, or a gas system, whether the heat pump is going into the same place or a different one, and so on.

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Quantum product specifications

Heat Pump Model150-08AC6-290/H270-08AC6-290/H
Rated capacity (available hot water) (L)130250
Heating output (kW)3.613.81
Power input (kW)0.840.84
COP of heating @ 20C4.34.53
Circuit (Amps)1010
Set hot water temperature (℃)6060
Hot water production rate @ 20C (L/hr)7275
Operational range (℃)-10 to +35-10 to +35
PTR valve setting (kPa)850850
Operating sound level (dBA)5048
Height (mm)16201900
Diameter (mm)540650
Weight empty/filled (kg)100 / 250135 / 405