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Need a new hot water system?

For small households
From $2,900 installed after your
$1,000 government rebate!

For large households
From $3,250 installed after your
$1.000 government rebate!

Quantum heat pump
150 litres

Quantum heat pump
250 litres

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Why Choose Us

Slash your hot water heating bill by 60%

In fact you can do even better!  Victorian government modelling found that our 170 litre model reduced energy use by 67% compared to an electric hot water system....

Get a $1,000 government rebate!

You're entitled to 30 or more renewable energy certificates for most of our heat pump models. We'll give you a discount of $1,000 at current prices in exchange for those certificates....

Owners give our heat pump brands a 5-star rating!

We think these are great products, but don’t take our word for it. See what people are saying on Product ReviewASA!

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