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Midea owners have had their say on the Product Review website, with 18 reviews of the Midea HP170 at last count. Fifteen reviewers rated it as `excellent’, giving it an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 (see link below).  We’ve pasted some of their opinions below.

I must admit I originally purchased the heat pump because it was free with government rebates. But now after the quick and simple installation I would still have purchased the pump if I had to pay for it. The power savings and practicality of the unit are excellent. I have gone from a 400L hot water service to a 170L heater pump with an estimated 70% reduction in my water heating bill. I'm very happy.
Ray H
Excellent power saver.
I upgraded from a very old electric HWS. Like so many others, I was persuaded by the Government rebate on this unit to proceed with the purchase. I know it is a lot more energy efficient than my old HWS and that makes me feel good. The installation went ahead without any problems and I recommend this unit highly.
Farmer John
Good product!
We may not have had this unit installed were it not for the government incentives. The unit has exceeded our expectations .The 170 L unit stores More than enough for three to four people.The water temperature is perfect and pressure adequate given we work off tanks and pumps. The installation was carried out efficiently by two skilled and friendly tradesmen.I have recommended Chromegen to friends as a consequence of my positive experience .
Quite an improvement over the electric gravity feed hot water system.
I recommend installing this unit to anyone considering replacing you old electric hot water unit. We have had two of these units installed, one domestic and another commercial use. Their response from my initial contact was very prompt, polite and obliging. The installation persons (plumber and electrician) were very competent and professional, about an hour to install. I would be happy to pay full price for these units, if the government rebate was not available.
Excellent, works great. Have no issues and always have plenty of hot water.
Very economical, works well and easy to operate. Takes up little space, much better than the electric heater it replaced. A great government initiative, should be available to more people.
Received new hot water service promptly, installed quickly and professionally. Looks new age and not like an ugly add on and works perfect. Purchased as secondary hot water system for visitors bathroom and haven't ran out of hot water yet! Thank you.
Brand new and professional installation. Absolutely fantastic.
Our last system was not hot enough to wash the dishes, we had to boil the jug to add to the sink, now we don't. We have a Solar system that runs the Midea 170L during the day.
Works very well
I am very happy with this hot water system. Looks good works well my power bill is down. The young men that installed it were fantastic. The company has been very helpful and nice. I would have no problem recommending them.
Donna R
So far so good
A fantastic product so far,can only comment on a short period of time in operation as is new.However the guys who installed the unit were terrific,very professional,the unit looks great and works well.
Bryan Edwards
An excellent product Time will Tell
I am very happy having this hot water unit its been a big saving in costs and works wonderful would recommend it to any one interested as you sure will see the difference it makes in your home
Has been a great product and has saved me on power costs
After fairly detailed research I replaced a Chromagen Solar Unit ( a piece of rubbish) with a new Midea Heat Pump system. I figured that an air conditioner manufacturer should understand heat pump technology, and so far I am very happy. The unit has an in built timer and allows me to control the running time to during daylight hours when I get the benefit of the solar PV panels. Very tidy looking, easy to use the timer. Quiet operation. I will update when we see the next electricity bill.
Rainy Monday
An Excellent Hot Water Unit
I buy this unit and connect it in series with the solar 370 litre gas booater Euora hot water system, I disconnected the heating element in the chromagen 170 litre, so there will be no chance of using it, which is quite expensive to use electricity to heat up water. AS a result, a 540 liter system existed with low temp zone and high temp zone in the chromagen. It work good for 6 months now.
DIY heat pump with existing solar system

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